This is a beautiful transcript from Colin Joe Byrne

Humans, once they know, understand and accept how energy in the universe works, will be free from tyranny.
Nikola Tesla understood this and introduced the world to alternative current (AC) electricity where electricity is created by alternating waves of positive and negative ions that are not harmful to matter and can pass harmlessly through matter and the ether, including humans, because that is how the universe works.
Instead his employer at the time, the rich banker. J P Morgan, rejected and suppressed his ideas because free energy could not be metered, and also his company, Westinghouse, was the largest supplier of copper wire in the USA, and abroad.
So Morgan opted for direct current, produced by burning fossil fuels (natural combustive material) that would drive large turbines to rotate Tesla invented coils to produce direct current (DC), a stream of positively charged ions down conductive metals (copper) and returned by negatively charger ions that were harmful to anything that was not insulated and earthed.
So Morgan created a vast wealth for himself, in energy production, transmission distribution and application, whereas energy is free all around us.
We have just bought into this captured system and all free energy technologies have either been bought off, suppressed or destroyed.
The energy that Tesla envisioned was heroic and way ahead of his time. Dr Wilhelm Reich also discovered the same thing and both their works were suppressed.
The truth is that energy passes though both conductive materials, like metals, and non-conductive materials, like humans, birds, fish, animals, plants, flowers, trees. soil, water, minerals, .and the air (the ether).
If one simply observes nature, where does the energy that animates and feeds nature come from?
It comes from the universe because the universe is filled and driven by energy. It is life force, chi, prana energy.
Does this make any sense to anybody?